My anesthesia hasn’t even worn off and I had to take the time to give HUGE THANKS to Dr Lackee and his team!

I am a USAF Veteran and learned through a local Facebook group that Dr Lackee’s office was the only participating dentist in the area for Freedom Day USA.

I immediately called to make and appointment and was helped by the sweetest lady, Ruth. She booked me for a cleaning and what I thought would be a filling.

Upon my arrival today, I was helped by Karlee who was super kind and compassionate when she did an X-ray and found out that I actually needed and extraction because my tooth could not be repaired with a filling.

Dr. Lackee came in to assure me that he would preform the extraction and he would work to fit me in today!

Karen helped me by giving a thorough cleaning prior to the extraction.

I was very anxious as I was called back to get my tooth pulled. Dr. Lackee offered to use gas and was very compassionate to my nervousness.

The procedure went fantastically and I couldn’t be more thankful to Dr. Lackee and his team.

Thanks again Dr Lackee!


Ok, you're probably wondering why the subject line is about a fruit. I wanted to let you know that I have not been able to bite into one for over 10 years.

People take for granted the simple act of biting into a piece of fruit. Until you can't because of sensitivity, loose fillings, or even loose teeth. I totally forgot. So I took my new babies out for a test run and have never felt so mentally and physically better. There's a mind-body consciousness crossover and when something so simple as biting into an apple changes, everything changes.

Right now I'm standing in the kitchen eating an apple without a knife, emailing you all my thoughts and realizing how incredible I feel and how much I appreciate everything.

Thank you!

Ann Marie

Ok, so how does one sing the praises of a dentist.

Unfortunately, most of us do not really care to go to the dentist, let alone sing their praises, after all, they hurt right. NOT SO. I have to say that Dr. Lackee and his team are wonderful. I really never thought that I would actually enjoy going to my dentist office, but I seem to walk out of his office smiling. Every member of his dental team is geared toward excellent care and patent satisfaction. From the time you enter the door to the minute you leave, each staff member knows you by name and offers a smile in addition to a warm welcome. They are all knowledgeable in their role, being it billing, scheduling, or actual hands on care.

The Dental hygienists not only have a great sense of humor, but are thorough as geared toward caring for as well as educating their patients.

Dr. Lackee has a very gentle and reassuring technique. He is knowledgeable and takes the time to talk to his patients before he begins any dental procedure. I think an important part of his persona, toward his patients, is that he listens to what the patient is saying. He has a great sense of humor and he "DOESN'T HURT"!!!!!!!

I would recommend and have recommended Dr. Lackee to anyone who is in the market for a new dentist.

N. Dunn.

Dear Dr. Lackee,

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I can't convey how grateful I am to you. I appreciate the service you provide to our military families. There are so many families going through rough patches in their lives and your service is a breath of fresh air and greatly needed. Thanks to you and your wonderful staff. They are great.

With a humble and grateful heart

V. Brown.

Dr. Lackee and his staff go out of their way to provide each patient with individualized care, with attention to their unique needs. They have gone above and beyond to surpass my expectations.

K. Boyle.

I had been a patient of a local dentist and no longer felt comfortable there after they changed ownership. Dr Lackee had a good reputation and past work he had done on my wife lead us to choose Dr. Lackee as our new dentist. His office is professional and friendly. Any calls I make to the office are answered promptly and concisely. The dental hygienists are extremely professional and always take their time to do a thorough cleaning and explain exactly what they are doing and why they are doing it. Dr. Lackee is a true professional. He is friendly and takes the time to make sure that I am comfortable and in no pain before drilling. I feel very satisfied with his work and will recommend him to anyone looking for a new dentist.

K. Cummingham.

Dr. Lackee and his staff have gone far and above any dental office in the treatment of my son and special needs daughter. My kids love going to the dentist now, which is a small miracle in and of itself. Thank You.

D. Rogers.

Dr. Lackee and his staff surpass my expectations with his complimentary service to the veterans. I had a great time with the whole staff and thank you again for all the veterans you take care of.

N. Iorio

Thank you, you made me smile again.

D. Neisen.

Dr. Lackee and the entire staff are great. Very helpful and informative. Thank you Dr. Lackee.

P. Castelli

A job well done Dr. Lackee. I received very good care from everyone. Dr Lackee is an excellent dentist and his staff are great people. You should be proud of yourself and your staff. Thank you.

E. Bivins.

I just had my first visit to Dr. Lackee's office and it was a very pleasant experience. He met all my expectations and I plan to be back on a regular basis after many years of not gong to the dentist. Thank You for your outreach to veteran. Your actions and deeds provide a real reason to hope for the future of our country.

E. Noonan.

Dr. Lackee is the first doctor to give me an injection without any pain. He was very patient and polite.

G. Snyder.

What a great experience for my first time at Dr. Lackee's office. It is a beautiful, clean office and a very friendly staff. Dr. Lackee is an exceptional dentist.

G. Rosenblatt.

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